HVAC Commissioning

hvacCommtech Group’s HVAC commissioning engineers specialise in carrying out commissioning and proportional balancing to air and water systems. We ensure that systems are brought into balance to achieve design flow rates within tolerances specified by the design.

All measurements are documented on Commtech Group’s commissioning test sheets, along with a detailed report of how systems were commissioned, including recommendations to resolve any deficiencies. All commissioning activities follow CIBSE guidelines and BSRIA application guides to meet project-specific requirements and industry best practice.

• Measurement and balancing of air systems
• Measurement and balancing of water systems
• Performance testing of all HVAC equipment
• Providing test equipment and instruments with calibration certificates as per requirement
• Noise level measurement
• Environmental test (temperature and humidity measurement)
• Preparation of test reports and demonstration of results
reportAll results are professionally presented
in a fully detailed electronic report
with supporting photography.